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This website is for reporting UFO Sightings. We will take and investigate a report of your sighting. Though our Specialists are trained to investigate reports by active and former military, aviation, law enforcement, and public service professionals in the U.S., we accept all reports. Our goal is to provide a private and secure agency for the report of UFO experiences, especially for professionals. The UFO Reporting Agency (UFORA) is a group of ufology Specialists dedicated to the serious and scientific investigation and study of UFO cases. UFORA holds Witness and Case integrity as the highest priority. We are a private group of Investigative Specialists who also use Consultants who are science and engineering professionals. UFORA’s primary goal is to bring truth and excellence to ufology through integrity, science and serious investigation. If you witness a UFO sighting, please report your contact and sighting information to our email address. We will privately and quickly respond to you. We thank you for your trust.

REPORT YOUR UFO SIGHTING: Submit your info below and we will contact you within 24 – 36 hours.

Please note: A security feature of the form below makes the text color very light when you enter your information; that information will clearly appear after you submit the form. Please be brief in the message box. A Specialist will contact you for more detailed information about your sighting. Thank you.

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Director’s Message – July 4, 2019

Welcome to UFORA. As ufology evolves, so must the way UFO events are investigated. After taking a hard look at the options a Witness has to report their event, along with Witness clear concerns of anonymity, it became clear a gap exists in reporting options.  UFORA was established to fill just that gap, allowing those professionals , in a active or non-active role, to securely report a ufo event without the fear of public or professional criticism.  UFORA consist of a dedicated group of Investigators with the same goal in mind:    

“To use every available asset to evaluate case details, allowing a more scientific approach in determining a viable outcome to the case.”  

As important as any Case details might be, confidentiality of Witness submitted information is our highest priority. Cases submitted to UFORA will be limited to those directly involved with the case, thus keeping the Witness exposure limited. During any investigation, if needed, keeping the Witness identity and  profession anonymous will be at the top of our priority list.  UFORA will assist anyone submitting a case, always having a answer as to which UFO organization best fits their needs.  Reporting a UFO event is important, no matter which agency you use; take a moment, do some research of the available reporting options. 

The UFO presence, since the beginning of mankind, has became part of our culture today. The answer is out there, maybe it could have been answered some time ago, maybe it was simply missed.  UFO reports go back as far as one wants to look. If for only one Witness, one event is real. This makes this entire subject very real. Just looking at modern-day statistics, we are clearly not alone. And now more than ever “We” need to better understand it all.  

-UFORA Director, Phil Leech 


We are currently accepting applications for anyone interested in volunteering as an Investigative Specialist for UFO sighting investigations. If you have a background in the military, law enforcement or as a commercial pilot, you may apply. If you do not have this background, but have general investigative or interview experience, you may also apply. Extensive UFO investigation experience not required. Training will be provided. To obtain an application or for queries, send an email to: UFORA.REPORT@GMAIL.COM